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Christian Activist's Home Destroyed By Flood

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins called into his own radio show "Washington Watch" on Aug. 16 from Louisiana to announce that his home had been destroyed by a flood of "biblical proportions."

Perkins told guest host Ken Klukowski, of Breitbart News, how the Perkins family will be living in an RV camper until their home is rebuilt, notes Joe My God.

"This is a flood, I would have to say, of near biblical proportions," Perkins said.

"This is unlike anything we've seen before," Perkins added. "In fact, we had to escape from our home on Saturday by canoe."

In 2014, Right Wing Watch noted how Perkins suggested God was behind natural disasters as a way to try to disprove man-made global warming:

I remember a few years ago, it might have been Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, made a reference to a hurricane or a storm being an act of God. It’s interesting that’s how we refer to some of these things in our insurance policies, but they were ridiculed, saying "How dumb can you be?" Well, there’s more to back that up than to say what’s happening in our environment, our climate, is because of people driving Suburbans or coal-fired power plants.

In 2015, Perkins had Jonathan Cahn on his radio show. Cahn also drew some Biblical comparisons and suggested that Hurricane Joaquin might be considered judgment on the U.S. for the legalization of same-sex marriage and abortion, reported Right Wing Watch.

In response, Perkins discussed his belief that previous American leaders thought God was behind natural disasters:

There those on the left that like to mock these things, but America has history, our leaders, actually, our president, our governors, when these things have happened in nature, like hurricanes, all of these external events that put our nation at risk, there's a long line of historical tradition here where we, not so much in recent years, but they had stepped back and said, "Is God is trying to send us a message?"

Sources: Joe My God, Right Wing Watch (2) / Photo Credit: Family Research Council via Wikimedia Commons

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