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Christian Activists: Gay Marriage Could Jail Christians, Make God Leave The US (Video)

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a possible landmark case on April 28 about whether or not four states have the right to ban gay marriage.

Pro-gay marriage activists and anti-gay Christian activists have descended on Washington, D.C., this week to rally their sides.

Janet Porter, head of the Christian group Faith 2 Action, told Pastor Wiley Drake on April 27, "I’m telling you that if the court dares to issue another Roe v. Wade, in this case the Roe v. Wade for marriage, we will not obey it. We’ll go to jail if we have to go to jail, but we will not bow to this agenda and violate our beliefs in God,” noted (video below).

Porter added, "They’re going after pastors in Idaho right now and they're saying, 'Unless you oversee, participate in a homosexual wedding, we’re going to put you in jail.' That's what's happening."

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a couple with ministerial licenses own a for-profit wedding chapel, and do not want to perform gay marriages. The town gave their business an exemption from gay weddings in October 2014, reported Boise State Public Radio.

Christine Weick, another Christian activist, told C-SPAN, “I’m here because I have a passion for God’s word, I'm a strong believer, and I understand that we have a situation here where God shows us in the Old Testament an example of that happens to nations that go against the word of God,” noted (video below).

“I love my God, and I love my country,” Weick added. “And it concerns me that if this goes the wrong way, which is against the Bible, that His hand of protection will be leaving this country, and that, that scares me.”

Weick held a sign that stated: "WARNING! God draws a line on GAY MARRIAGE, Read Romans 1:24-32, WOE to those who cross it!"

Romans 1:24-32 does include an admonition against homosexuality, but makes no mention of gay marriage.

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Image Credit: C-SPAN Screenshot


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