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Christian Activist Upset About Wiccan Prayer In Iowa State Capitol (Video)

Deborah Maynard, a member of the Wiccan faith, gave an invocation inside the Iowa State Capitol's House chamber last Thursday.

However, about half of the state's lawmakers did not attend, according to KCCI.

The Family Leader, a Christian activist group, put together an alternate prayer service for lawmakers at the Capitol.

The Family Leader president Bob Vander Plaats expressed his disapproval over the "religious liberty" of the Wiccan prayer at the Family Leadership Summit last Thursday night, noted (video below).

Vander Platts stated:

Just this morning, in the Iowa capitol, which is totally within the religious liberty right, but you had a state representative invite someone to deliver a Wiccan prayer. Now, you may say that’s religious liberty, but I’d say you’d better be careful if you want to start mocking the God that you’re asking to bless this country. That’s a huge concern.

Sources: KCCI,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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