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Christian Activist Tries To Disrupt Gay Event (Video)

Flip Benham, a Christian activist, was filmed trying to disrupt the Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade in North Carolina by preaching against homosexuals over a loudspeaker system in a parking lot (video below).

YouTube user Carly Addy posted a video on Aug. 21 that featured Benham, who made news earlier in August when he told the Charlotte City Council that blood would flow in the city over LGBT rights; Bentham also protested same-sex marriage ceremonies in 2014.

Benham shouted at event goers: "This truth made America free, Jesus Christ. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty! Jesus gave us this freedom, but we're throwing it and flushing it down the toilet! It's about time that we said, 'Jesus come back and forgive us!'"

One woman is seen giving Benham the finger, while several other people start to gather nearby.

Benham continued his preaching: "So my friends, stop celebrating sodomy in the streets because God said in his word when they broke my commandments, they began to call what is evil, good, and what is good, evil! You are exchanging the truth about God for a lie! And homosexual sodomy will destroy those practice it!"

An unidentified man in a gray shirt then walked around the parking lot holding up a Bible.

"How is that when a man puts his penis up another man's rectum that is somehow called a good thing?" Benham yelled. "That is sin! It is vile! It is filthy! And it destroys those who do such things. We need to repent in the name of Jesus!"

There were also a large number of faith groups in support of the event.

"To those preachers out there screaming the insults, we love you, but stop it," Steve Knight, of Missiongathering Charlotte, told The Charlotte Observer.

"Those street preachers screaming hate get so much attention from the media, but there are more churches out here showing their support for LGBT people," Knight added. "You don’t hear enough about us, and we outnumber them."

"You can’t help but notice more and more churches showing up every year," Lisa Raymaker, of the Caldwell Presbyterian Church, said. "What I really like is that the parade puts us all together, which is a powerful statement. LGBT people are so often ostracized by organized religion, and we see ourselves as standing in the gap."

Preacher Buddy Fisher and his followers shouted at parade participants on Aug. 21 and carried signs that read: "Homosexuality is demonic. Your party will end in flames."

"We are a group of street preachers who show up at all big events where sinners can be found," Fisher stated. "This is big event, and it has a lot of homosexuals."

Chung Groar slipped in with Fisher's group and shouted different slogans: "Love is the answer," "We can overcome hate" and "Love is the strongest word on the battlefield," notes The Charlotte Observer, but they called him a "f-----."

"This is a dying generation beside me," Groar opined. "These are the same people who were out protesting interracial marriage 50 years ago. They lost then and they’re going to lose now."

Sources: Carly Addy/YouTube, The Charlotte Observer / Photo credit: Carly Addy/YouTube

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