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Christian Activist 'Tired' Of Rainbow Flags In Orlando

John Stemberger, head of the Christian-based Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), said on June 15 that he was "tired of seeing special interest rainbow flags" in Orlando, Florida, where a gay nightclub was the site of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history on June 12.

Stemberger, who has a long history of anti-gay statements and activism documented by GLAAD and Equality Matters, made his comments in an email blast to the FFPC's followers.

"Honestly, I am really tired of seeing special interest rainbow flags and wish we could see more American flags, as we stand together in unity against our greatest mutual enemy, radical Islamic jihadists!" Stemberger wrote.

Earlier in his email, Stemberger recalled how he was shocked to hear the news of the shooting, and sent out a press release that brought mockery from gay-rights activists on Twitter and Facebook.

Stemberger went on to say how he told people on Twitter not to express their anger at him and lectured them to pray.

Stemberger lamented that some "well-meaning supporters of ours have even disagreed and some publicly criticized me," but said that he stood by his "original statements."

Stemberger warned that "Christians should be prepared to be attacked and persecuted if they do not bow down and pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag and all it supposedly represents."

Later in his email, Stemberger added: "The goal of gay-rights activists is to try and get Christians to stop proclaiming God's design for marriage, gender and human sexuality. And they are not playing fair. The goal to simple. If you disagree in any way, no matter how gentle, loving or respectful they will call you a 'hater' and a 'bigot.'"

Stemberger assured his followers that his organization would continue its anti-gay mission: "[We] will never stop defending God’s design for marriage, human sexuality and family structures, because Jesus commanded us to do nothing less."

As a matter of record, Jesus never commanded anyone in the Bible to fight against same-sex marriage laws or gay rights.

Stemberger closed the email by thanking his supporters for their prayers, financial support and standing with his organization.

Sources: Florida Family Policy CouncilGLAAD, Equality Matters / Photo credit: Florida Family Policy Council

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