Christian Activist: Punish Women For Abortion (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sparked controversy on March 30 when he said that women should be punished for having an abortion, which he then walked back on the same day. One pro-life Christian activist strongly agreed with Trump's original statement in a March 31 video (below).

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire, who often leads protests against Planned Parenthood clinics, praised Trump as "the most pro-life candidate" in a short video he uploaded, notes

"Donald Trump said a woman, if she kills her baby, ought to pay a price. [Sen. Ted] Cruz [of Texas], [Gov. John] Kasich [of Ohio], [Democratic presidential candidate] Hillary [Clinton], the rest of them say, 'No, no, they shouldn't.' Hey folks, listen, if the dad takes a gun and shoots the unborn child, don't they charge him with murder? Cruz and Kasich, they just want to charge the doctor. Well, the woman is the one most responsible.

"She's the one hiring the doctor to kill the baby. Friends, when we have laws without punishment, our laws are merely suggestions. Of course, a woman should be punished when killing her baby, of course, she should. Donald Trump is the most pro-life candidate of them all. Who would have ever though that?"

Televangelist Pat Robertson also gave his opinion about punishment, women and abortion during "The 700 Club" on March 31, reports

"You know, it’s interesting, what Trump says, it shocks people, but at the same time the old adage was that abortion is illegal, that is was murder, and consequently if it’s illegal and it’s murder then there had to be some penalty attached to it. That's why it was so very, very hard to get any kind of legislation against this sort of thing.

"And now they say, 'Well, it should punish the provider who does the abortion, not the woman who is having it,' which sounds more reasonable. In any event, if somebody says abortion is murder, then what do you do to somebody who commits murder? It’s a dilemma that people have been wrestling with and I’m certainly not going to get into it. But that does seem a bit draconian, but at the same time we’ve slaughtered close to 50 million unborn babies in America since Roe v. Wade. It's been slaughter that is unprecedented."

Sources: (2) / Photo credit: Dave Daubenmire via YouTube

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