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Christian Activist Praises Trump's Budget Cuts For Poor

Tony Perkins, head of the nonprofit Family Research Council, which calls itself "a Christian public policy ministry," praised the Trump administration on March 16 for its proposed budget, which includes cuts to programs that help poor people and the environment.

On the FRC website, Perkins mentioned cuts to community development block grants, which many states use to fund Meals On Wheels for housebound low-income elderly people; the Weatherization Assistance Program, which helps enables poor people reduce their power bills with energy efficiency; the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Plan that helps impoverished people pay their utility bills and heating costs during the winter months:

They call it a "skinny" budget and Donald Trump’s was -- in more ways than one! There’s a new sheriff in town, and the White House’s budget proves it with deep cuts to some of the government’s bloated spending. Although the proposal is more of an exercise in vision-casting, plenty of Republicans would be happy to take Trump’s pared down projects seriously.

To the cheers of fiscal hawks, the administration suggests cutting the EPA by 31 percent and the State Department by a similar amount. A longer list of programs like community development block grants, the Weatherization Assistance Program, and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program would be cut 100 percent.

Included in that bunch are two longtime targets of the GOP: the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The latter, home to the Left’s pet media outlets NPR and PBS, would finally lose the crutch of millions of taxpayer dollars...

The military and immigration enforcement were among the few places where President Trump boosted funding, along with a dramatic shift in favor school choice programs. While he slashes $9.2 billion from the Department of Education overall, he makes good on his campaign promise to expand charter schools and vouchers by 50 percent...

For now, conservatives should be more than pleased with the overall direction of Trump’s government. While we’re still digging into the details, the fact that Trump is trying to cut spending and defund the germinators of taxpayer-funded liberalism is very encouraging.

Trump's budget is already meeting opposition from some Republicans because of deep cuts to foreign aid and agencies such as the EPA -- which Perkins praised -- as well as gutting legal aid for the poor and programs under the National Endowment for the Arts, USA Today reports.

Republican Rep. Chris Collins of New York voiced concerns about the proposed budget cuts to local programs, and cuts to the National Institutes of Health, which would included the 21st Century Cures Initiative, a bill he co-wrote.

Sources: Family Research Council, USA Today / Photo credit: Family Research Council/Wikimedia Commons

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