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Christian Activist Claims Evolution Proves Homosexuality Wrong (Video)

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a right-wing Christian activist group, recently tried to use evolution to attack homosexuality.

Speaking on his "Washington Watch" radio show on April 23, Perkins agreed with a caller that evolution was not true based on his belief in God and "the science." Perkins also tried to claim "logically" that homosexuality would violate evolution, noted (video below).

Perkins stated, "If you logically game this out, the idea that somehow that same-sex marriage or same-sex attraction, homosexuality, you know, could be the advancement of evolution, well, it would be the end of the road. It is a dead-end street. You’re certainly not going to reproduce."

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins addressed homosexuality and evolution in a video (below) that was released in March by the Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason & Science.

Dawkins explained that homosexuality could be passed down genetically for a variety of reasons, such as providing homosexual uncles to protect young nieces and nephews.

As far as homosexual activity itself, Dawkins added that an inherited homosexual gene might only have its intended effect in the correct environment. Dawkins said that the "effect of a gene is not inevitably tied to it, but depends upon the environment in which the individual is brought up."

Sources: Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason & Science,
Image Credit: Family Research Council


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