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Activist Can't Cite Crime Uptick From LGBT Laws (Video)

Anita Staver, the president of the Christian-based law firm Liberty Counsel, announced in April that she was going to take a handgun into bathrooms at Target stores for self-defense. During an interview posted online May 3, she couldn't name any crimes that have increased because of pro-LGBT bathroom laws (video below).

According to, the Liberty Counsel is behind numerous anti-LGBT laws, including North Carolina's HB2 ordinance.

Staver, whose husband Mat is Kim Davis' lawyer, was asked by Fox News radio host Alan Colmes to cite increases of any crimes or predators that have happened because of pro-LGBT laws for bathrooms.

Staver replied:

I'm not a statistician, but I can tell you that we have a list of at least 20 different crimes that have been committed by predators in Target restrooms alone. We're putting that on our website, and we're also pointing to the fact that just in order to prepare and save one person it's certainly worth getting armed and getting prepared.

As of May 4, there is no list on the website of these predator crimes in Target restrooms.

The notion that arming people with more guns makes society safer was refuted by a 2013 study that found that the U.S. led the developed world in gun ownership and in gun deaths, reported ABC News.

Colmes reminded Staver:

[T]he question is whether or not these laws have led to increased incidents of assault. And in state after state, whether it’s Connecticut, Hawaii, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, Iowa, they’ve all said, statements from those states, no additional incidents since laws in those states have gone into effect. So it seems like it’s a solution in search of a problem.

Staver countered:

Well, the advertising of this is the problem with what Target has done. It's caused predators to know that women are easy prey in these places. It doesn't matter if there's a hundred women or a thousand women, I just needed to tell people they need to be prepared and to make sure that they do boycott Target because it's a dangerous place.

Look, Target was the one that actually put a bullseye on the women by highly publicizing this policy and that’s caused predators to go around in these different states in the country and target women. notes that non-transgender men, who oppose Target's new bathroom policy, have been going into stores to investigate the restrooms. Additionally, the American Family Association's Director of Government Affairs Sandy Rios said on May 2 that the Christian group is "testing" Target's new bathroom policy by sending non-transgender men to stores to enter women's restrooms.

Sources:,, ABC News / Photo credit: Fox News/YouTube

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