Lawmaker: Caitlyn Jenner Needs Exorcism (Video)


Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Christian activist and Colorado Republican state lawmaker, recently said that Caitlyn Jenner "needs an exorcism" (video below).

Klingenschmitt made his announcement about the reality TV star during his "Pray In Jesus Name" program amid rumors that Jenner was going to transition back to male, which Jenner's reps have denied, notes

"It would be a dumb statement for someone to say that he wants to stay a woman because he's not a woman," Klingenschmitt said. "He's never been one. His DNA has never changed. He still has male XY chromosomes. He is not a woman. He is a man. In fact, he still has male parts, I'm told."

Klingenschmitt praised Jenner for his Olympic performance in 1976 and his "godly traits" of self-discipline, being a family man, and caring about his daughters, but added that Jenner had made a "left turn at sin" that "has brought him down a path of destruction."

Klingenschmitt said that gender dysphoria "is a mental illness. Of course, we think it is a demonic illness. The man needs an exorcism."

Klingenschmitt also said: "Gender dysphoria has four stages. Self-doubt becomes self-hatred becomes self-mutilation becomes self-murder. And over 50 percent of people who begin down this crazy road of transgenderism will end up attempting suicide. And that's the data, I'm not making that up."

According to Web MD, "[g]ender dysphoria used to be called 'gender identity disorder.' But the mismatch between body and internal sense of gender is not a mental illness. Instead, what need to be addressed are the stress, anxiety, and depression that go along with it."

The American Psychological Association noted a study in 2013 that found "half of the transgender women and a third of the transgender men surveyed said they struggle with depression from the stigma, shame and isolation caused by how others treat them."

Transgenderism is not mentioned as a sin in the Bible, but Klingenschmitt said he prayed that Jenner would "de-transition from evil and from sin and from the devil."

Sources:, WebMDAmerican Psychological Association / Photo Credit: Pray In Jesus Name via YouTube

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