Christian Activist: Blood Will Flow In Charlotte (Video)

Flip Benham, a Christian activist and pastor, predicted in July that there would be blood in Charlotte, North Carolina, over transgender rights and abortion (video below).

Benham made his dire predictions during the "citizen's forum" part of a Charlotte City Council meeting, notes Right Wing Watch.

The city council passed a pro-LGBT ordinance earlier this year that was blocked by a new law from the GOP-controlled state legislature.

Benham slammed Charlotte Mayor Patsy Kinsey's opening prayer, which he said wasn't clear if it was "in the name of Jesus or not," and then recalled how a city councilwoman started the ball rolling on this "whole transgender issue" back in February.

"Ma'am, you cannot make a moral wrong, a civil right!" Bentham yelled at the councilwoman. "You have no right to do that! You have no right to do that, it's a moral wrong!"

Boos erupted from people in the audience, but a female member of the council -- possibly Kinsey herself -- told the audience to let Benham speak, which caused him to scold the woman for interrupting him:

Ma'am, that's all right, they can say whatever they want to say. Because if God doesn't fix this city, if God isn't the answer, if God isn't at the foundation, you're going to have bloodshed coursing down the corners of our streets, our schools and our workplaces and you're not going to have a police force big enough to stop it!

Because when you sow bloodshed in the womb, in the three abortion mills here in this city, you're going to reap it in the streets! And our God is a God of truth and these things happen. And when you cast God behind your back, violence always comes in to replace the void. That's why we've got, in our schools right now, we've got metal detectors and policemen, because they're trying to stop the gangs and violence and drugs that our kids are being turned over to!

And now we've got this transgenderism nonsense! Listen, it's not a sin to be black! But it is a sin to be a practicing homosexual! It is a sin. It is not a moral right! It is wrong and you need to say so and you've opened up the doors of hell on our city, you and this council and you need to repent! I'd like to offer a up a reward to you that if you'll repent right now in the name of Jesus there will be peace returning to this city!

None of the city council members took Benham up on his offer, which allegedly included some type of physical protection from the wrath of God.

Benham's sons, Jason and David, recently slammed Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, a self-identified Catholic, for refusing to stand in the way of his running mate's intention to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which would allow federal funding for abortions for low-income women.

The Benham brothers told the Conservative Review via email:

This is a trap into which many Christians fall today. Unfortunately, we have many professing believers but functional atheists. In other words, they claim to have faith but refuse to make it a framework through which they live faithfully to God...in every area of life.

We cannot divorce our faith from the decisions of life (marriage, finances, raising children, education, civic duty, etc.). In light of that, God's word is clear that His people are to be a voice for the voiceless. So if Tim Kaine ignores this vital aspect of his faith, what other parts will he ignore as he seeks to lead this country?

Sources: Right Wing WatchConservative Review / Photo credit: Right Wing Watch/YouTube

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