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Christian Website Drops 'Gays, Druggies, Misfits' Story Title

Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) recently ran a story on their website with the title, "Gays, Druggies and Misfits Transformed at The Refuge."

Apparently, the headline was too extreme for someone at and it was replaced with the more user-friendly: "Hard-Core Teens Find Acceptance at The Refuge," noted

A Google search does show the old title, but the page has been deleted.

The Refuge is a ministry run by Pastor Micah Marshall, 26, in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

According to the article, Pastor Marshall does mention homosexuals, crack addicts, young moms and drug addicts together:

One reason The Refuge has become a big hit is because it centers on love and acceptance, not judgment of even hard-core cases.

"We open it up to pretty much anybody of any lifestyle," Marshall said. "We have a lot of homosexuals, a lot of crack addicts or drug addicts, a lot of kids who smoke a lot of weed, young moms. We kind of targeted kids who don't fit in anywhere else."



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