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"CHRIST-mas Tree" Designed to Counter War on Christmas

ANNAPOLIS, MD -- Boss Creations, a faith-inspired holiday decor company, has re-launched its innovative CHRIST-mas Tree, featuring an illuminated cross in the center of a fir-style tree. Marsha Boggs, the owner of the company, says it was specifically created to counter the "war on Christmas."

"I believe we need to take a stand and rescue our religious holiday," says Marsha Boggs, founder of Boss Creations. "Adding a cross to a tree as a reminder of Christ may seem trivial to some, but I think it's an important statement of faith for us as we uphold the significance of the Christmas season and Christianity in America."

The growing debate over the "War on Christmas" has erupted in legal battles and widespread media attention in recent years. Bans on religious symbolism in public areas and retailers who substitute "happy holidays" for "Merry Christmas" have Christian groups upset by what they consider the secularization of the Christmas holiday. Boggs says her company is making a statement of faith with her product and wants others to join her in what she considers an important movement nationwide.

"We're getting an incredible response from people all over the country," says Boggs. "So many Americans are troubled by the secularization of Christmas and the politically correct environment we're living in. Our goal is to enhance our celebration of this wonderful holiday while defending the meaning and traditions we believe and love."

Two new designs of The CHRIST-mas tree are on sale this year-- The CHRIST-mas Tree II and the "Christian Nation" Christmas Tree. Both are available at with a portion of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors Project, a non-profit charity for wounded veterans. The company also offers a variety of ornaments, wreaths and gift items, all with Christian-based themes.

"This is not about picking a fight with people over religion," says Boggs. "This is about focusing our attention on our honored traditions as a nation and cherishing the reason for the season in a real and meaningful way."


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