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Chipotle Restaurant Accused of 'Promoting Sodomy'

The Mexican restaurant chain, Chipotle, has appeared at various gay pride parades across the country.

Most recently, Chipotle appeared at gay pride parades in Washington, D.C,. and Philadelphia in June.

According to, Chipotle featured a float with a man riding a giant burrito wrapped in tin foil. A sign at the bottom of the float read: “So big you can ride it."

Chipotle employees reportedly wore “Homo estas?” T-shirts — a parody of “Como estas?”

All this caused to run a headline last week that blared: "Chipotle Tex-Mex Chain, Founded by Open Homosexual, Promoting Sodomy in Pride Parades Nationwide." also reported:

This year is not the first that the company has participated in pride parades, however, as YouTube footage from last year’s parade in San Francisco shows a Chipotle “Homo estas?” float being pulled by a U-Haul truck down the street as a number of individuals waving rainbow flags ride a giant burrito decorated with a rainbow stripe down the middle.

Earlier this year, Chipotle pulled its support from a chapter of the Boy Scouts of America over the ban on openly gay scout members, which was later overturned.

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