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Children Caroling At Grocery Store Kicked Off The Property

Two girls caroling outside a grocery store in Washington were told to leave because the store feared they would offend customers.

The girls told KATU News that they sang for about an hour outside Winco Foods in Vancouver.

They performed both secular and religious holiday songs like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Silent Night.”

They said they weren’t asking people for money; in fact, they had a sign saying they don’t take donations. They only wanted to “give a warm fuzzy feeling to anyone who walked by.”

An employee told the girls they had to leave. Caroling is banned at the store because it is against policy.

“I was, like, bummed,” one girl said. “… We were both depressed that we couldn’t spread anymore love, joy and cheer.”

“It’s my favorite holiday,” said the other.

The reporter who interviewed the girls, Emily Sinovic, was referred to a corporate attorney for Winco. It is unclear whether the girls were allowed to return to the store to sing.

KATU invited the girls onto the 5 p.m. news on Tuesday to sing on live TV.

Sources:, TheBlaze


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