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Chicago Restaurant Angers Catholics By Serving Burger Topped with Red Wine Reduction and Communion Wafer

A restaurant in Chicago is causing quite a stir among Catholics.

The “Ghost Burger” is named after a Swedish heavy metal band and features a cheeseburger topped with a red wine reduction and a communion wafer. Owners of Kuma’s Corner, a popular destination for foodies, say that it is done as a lighthearted play on the Swedish metal band Ghost, who is known for dressing as Roman Catholics, and that the burger is October’s new burger of the month.

Michael Caine, owner of Kuma’s, says that he does not find it offensive, nor do most of the people that come to eat there.

“It wasn’t intended to be a religious statement,” said Caine, who is a Lutheran. “It wasn’t intended to be anything. We bought the wafers on Amazon; they’re not blessed by anyone. Does everyone forget that God might have a sense of humor?”

Others, however, feel that it is done in poor taste. Jeff Young of New Orleans, who runs a blog called Catholic Foodies, says that it is extremely offensive to Catholics who view the wafer and the wine as symbols of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

“It’s not, for us, the Eucharist,” said Young. “However, this wafer is a symbol. There’s a cross on it. It’s like taking a flag and burning a flag.”

Kuma’s Corner names all of its burgers after heavy metal bands, and has been to known to play heavy metal music in the restaurant. Some other burgers on the menu include The Slayer, The Pantera, and The Black Sabbath.

Luke Tobias, Director of Operations for Kuma’s, says that despite criticism, they will keep the burger on the menu for the remainder of the month.

“Hopefully people will have a good time with it,” said Tobias. “That’s certainly what we’re trying to do.”


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