Chicago Cops Tackle Innocent Muslim Woman (Video)


A Muslim woman was reportedly tackled by Chicago police officers on July 4, 2015, while she was running to catch a train (video below).

"They throw me to the stairs and grabbed my bags," Itemad "Angel" Almatar told CBS Chicago. "They kicked me, hit me, take off my hijab."

According to Almatar, the cops also seized her backpack that she kept food in for the end of her fast on Ramadan.

"They asked me why I put my food inside bag, why I’m Muslim, why I’m fasting, why I’m wearing these clothes, why I cover my body," Almatar told the news station.

Almatar said she was terrified because she originally believed the people grabbing her were criminals, but then her situation reportedly got worse.

"She was strip searched, videographed, and at the same time men were allowed to see her naked," Imam Malick Mujahid, a local Muslim leader, said. "This is the ultimate horror you can do to a Muslim woman."

She was charged with reckless conduct and resisting arrest but was found not guilty on June 29, 2016.

"Look, I'm not a law enforcement officer, I'm not an expert in that," Aaron Goldstein, a lawyer with the Cook County Public Defender’s office, said. "But we know a couple things. There’s a Constitution, and the Constitution says you can’t just grab people for no reason whatsoever."

Goldstein told WGN Radio that there was no incident prior to when the police chased Almatar on the stairs. He said that Almatar had made a number of connecting trains that day, as many Chicagoans do.

Goldstein said that police followed the Muslim woman because of her appearance, purposeful walk and the backpack that she held in front of her body.

According to prosecutors, the police yelled, "Stop!" but no one in the video appears to turn around, CBS Chicago reports.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department said there would be an investigation into the year-old incident.

The State’s Attorney’s office would not comment to CBS Chicago.

Almatar is reportedly planning to file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Sources: CBS Chicago, WGN Radio / Photo Credit: CBS Chicago via YouTube

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