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Cedar Valley Cathedral Of Praise Offers Drive-Thru Prayer Service

Church-goers in Georgia can now welcome the Lord into their hearts without leaving the confines of their cars thanks to weekly drive-thru prayer missions hosted by Cedar Valley Cathedral of Praise each Sunday. Anne Keith has been attending the drive-thru Sunday service for more than a month now.

“It’s something I look forward to every week. I start on Wednesday thinking, ‘It’s three more days,’ then ‘two more days,’” Keith said. “I don’t have to go up there, but I choose to because I want to. It encourages me and uplifts me, helps to strengthen me. It reinforces my hope for life in general.”

She says that God led her to Cedar Valley, “God said, ‘Go to this church and let them pray for you,’” Keith said.

People from all denominations are welcome and visitors are encouraged to attend.

“It doesn’t matter what denomination you are,” Barry Suggs said. “Come as you are. There is no pressure. It’s about what they need. We don’t turn away anybody for anything.”

Keith had been attending Concord Baptist Church, Online Athens reported.

“They gave me a prayer cloth,” said Keith. “My church doesn’t do that. It reminds me every day of my life that I have faith that God can do anything. There’s nothing God cannot do. It reminds me of hope and strength. I carry two with me. I won’t get dressed without them. They have a calling. I think it’s a very sweet, caring, loving ministry. I think that’s a blessing in this world.”

Sources: Online Athens, Dalton Daily Citizen


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