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Catholic Students Oppose 'Morality Clauses' For Teachers (Video)

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone recently proposed new “morality clauses” that will likely be added to the teacher handbook at four catholic high schools in California.

The morality clauses condemn abortion, gay marriage, "artificial contraception" and "artificial reproductive technology" (surrogacy, ovum and sperm donation).

School leaders told Catholic San Francisco that the proposed morality clauses reflect the Catholic Church's teachings that have been in existence for centuries.

The morality clauses would be added to the teacher handbook this fall, but Archbishop Cordileone said the clauses apply only to the teachers' public behavior, not private.

However, some students at the San Francisco's Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School (one of the four schools affected) are outraged.

“I can't even describe the shock of reading something like that, that discriminates against so many,” Mairead Ahlbach, a senior, told KTVU (video below).

“I was really shocked actually," said senior Gus O'Sullivan. "I'm actually gay myself, and so this document obviously has a lot of resonance to me specifically."

Some students have started an online petition against the proposed morality clauses. The students are also tweeting “#TeachAcceptance.”

“Because teachers are afraid for their jobs and they rightfully are afraid, the language is dangerous in this contract and in this handbook," Ahlbach added.

Sources: Catholic San Francisco, KTVU / Image Credit: KTVU Screenshot


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