Catholic School Fires Teacher Christa Dias for Using Artificial Insemination


A former teacher at a Catholic school run by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is suing the school district for wrongful termination. She claims that she was dismissed for becoming pregnant by means of artificial insemination, a practice condemned by strict Catholic doctrine.

Christa Dias, 32, revealed to her employers that she was pregnant almost six months into her term so that she could request maternity leave. She alleges that the church wanted to fire her on the spot for being pregnant and single, which church officials decided would place them in violation of state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

Instead, they chose to dismiss Dias because of the artificial manner by which she became pregnant. The Vatican deems all forms of artificial insemination “gravely immoral.”

A U.S. District Judge ruled last week that Miss Dias was within her rights to proceed with the suit. He held that Dias was a non-religious computer teacher whose own religious leanings and practices had no bearing on the performance of her job.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese responded to Judge Spiegel’s ruling, arguing that Catholic parents pay to send their children to Catholic institutions because they want their children taught by people who uphold Catholic moral standards. Miss Dias was in violation of her contract with the school when she decided to disregard church teachings in her personal conduct.

Even if Miss Dias is ultimately victorious in her lawsuit, she assured the Enquirer that she will never work for a Catholic school again.


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