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Catholic Priest Wants President Who Fears 'Eternal Consequences' (Video)

Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris claimed on the Fox News program "Fox & Friends" on Sunday that a future president needs to fear "eternal consequences."

Father Morris and the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts were discussing the 2016 GOP presidential candidates who appeared at the recent Faith & Freedom Coalition meeting in Iowa, noted (video below).

Father Morris stated:

Faith is a set of beliefs, right? It’s a belief in God, it’s a belief that there are eternal consequences for your actions. And I think a leader that doesn’t have that, a set of core beliefs that help him to make justice an important part of his life and his decisions because he knows that there are eternal consequences, well, it’s somebody that it’s hard to trust.

Co-host Peter Johnson Jr. asked Father Morris, "Should voters judge should the faith of people running for president? For example, if someone who is running for president is an atheist, are they qualified to be the president?"

“You know, I would say faith is not the most important thing, but wisdom in terms of a leader, but yes, it certainly makes a difference who that person is," Father Morris replied.

Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri, resigned last week after  becoming the "being the first U.S. bishop convicted of a misdemeanor in failing to report suspected child abuse by a priest in his diocese," noted the Catholic News Agency.

Pope Francis accepted Bishop Finn’s resignation on April 21, but Bishop Finn will continue being a bishop, just not lead a diocese. He was convicted back in September 2012 of not reporting obscene images of two children that were on a computer used by Fr. Shawn Ratigan back in December 2010. It was not until May 2011, did diocese officials tell police about the lewd images.

Fr. Ratigan got a 50-year prison sentence for child pornography charges in 2012, while  Bishop Finn was sentenced to two years of probation. The diocese paid a $1.8 million total settlement to the parents of the two girls (photographed by Fr. Ratigan) in February 2014.

Sources:, Catholic News Agency
Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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