Catholic League Upset with Bill Maher's Jokes (Video)


Catholic League President Bill Donohue recently sent a letter to Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt asking him have a “serious talk” about 'HBO Real Time' host Bill Maher who often jokes about Catholicism (video below), reports

“There is no other entertainer in the nation who has repeatedly spoken about the Catholic Church, especially its priests, in more vile and obscene terms than Bill Maher,” Donohue wrote in his letter. “Vicious beyond belief, his remarks would be condemned – indeed he would be fired – if directed at any other demographic group. Over and over again he libels [sic] priests, portraying all of them as sexual abusers. And he does so with impunity.”

“Catholics need to know just how far Time Warner is prepared to play the role of spectator. From the enclosed report, it is evident that Maher’s bigotry is not merely visceral, it is relentless. Time has come for someone in a position of responsibility to sit down and have a serious talk with this man.”

Earlier this month, Maher mocked the new Pope and said the Catholic Church was “running a child-sex ring since forever and you still keep your customers.”

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