Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Says Jesus Was 'The Original Hipster'


While there are many provocative ads in our world, most of these ads are not religious in nature.

But one ad in New York, put up by the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, is getting attention for its unexpected use of Jesus' image. 

The ad says Jesus is the "Original Hipster." While it does not show his face, it shows robes and his feet, but not his bare feet. 

Jesus is wearing a pair of Converse sneakers, making him appear even more "hipster."

It is not a very detailed ad, leaving much to the imagination. But upon further analysis, one could come to the conclusion that Jesus was a hipster, with his long beard and tendency to be misunderstood. He also turned water into wine, which according to Salon, is very "do-it-yourself and kind of locavore-ish."

The bottom of the ad tells viewers to visit the "All Faces" section of their website, which shows the diversity of its worshippers.

Sources: Salon,Ad Week


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