Catholic Church Scandal


Hi, being Catholic I must say this scandal offends me. I thought at first these allegation of sexual abuse were isolated cases of a few priests. But now it comes to light that proably a third or maybe half of the priest populationn are guilty, very scary. What is so sad is the cover up amongst themselves. Now we also have the Vatican asking the congrgrations to pay for the residential school law suits, I asked my congrecation if in any way that would be paying for lawsuits against priests abusing children Indian or White they quickly said no but the no came so quickly that I don't think they know for sure, and I must say at this point I don't beleive them. I don't think we know the truth anymore and if any one does no ones talking.

 The only ones talking now are the victims and I say we better start listening to them as they are the only ones telling the truth. Only once we accept the truth and start cleaning, prosecuting, jailing the culprits will there be any truth back in the catholic Church. Oh yes one more thing not one penny of my money will ever be used to defend  a priest who has sodomizied, raped, beaten or hurt any child. Before that ever happens I will leave my church. So since the Vatican covered this up for hundreds of years it can start spending there riches that they have hoarded for hundreds of years. Besides Jesus never lived in Luxury so why are the Popes and Cardinals and Bishop. They can start selling off there gold icons since they mean more to the vatican than a hurt molested child that grew into a troubled adult that cannot live. 

Beverly Lein


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