Cardinal Timothy Dolan Attacks Gays, But Pays Off Priests Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

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During a radio interview last June, Cardinal Timothy Dolan called gay and lesbian unions “unjust,” “immoral,” and "unnatural."

At the time, Cardinal Dolan said: “This is a very violation of what we consider natural law that’s embedded in every man and woman and we’re really worried as Americans that it’s going to be detrimental to the common good. [W]e still worry about the detrimental effect upon society, upon culture, and certainly upon our individual churches.”

However, recently released church documents show that Cardinal Dolan paid off priests who had been accused of sexually abusing minors.

The documents, obtained by the New York Times, also show that Dolan lied to reporters when he initially dismissed news of the payments as “false, preposterous and unjust”:

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York authorized payments of as much as $20,000 to sexually abusive priests as an incentive for them to agree to dismissal from the priesthood when he was the archbishop of Milwaukee...

A document unearthed during bankruptcy proceedings for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and made public by victims’ advocates reveals that the archdiocese did make such payments to multiple accused priests to encourage them to seek dismissal, thereby allowing the church to remove them from the payroll.

Cardinal Dolan described at least one payment to Franklyn Becker [accused of abusing 10 minors] as “an act of charity” to help the priest “pay for health insurance.”


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