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California Town To Add 'In God We Trust' In Chambers


A California city is about to get a little bit more God in their lives. 

The Murrieta City Council voted on Tuesday to approve the display of "In God We Trust" in the council chambers.

Although the inclusion of the national motto on public space has been a subject of controversy in cities throughout the United States, the council approved the resolution in a landslide 5-0 vote. 

In the past months of debating about the legislation, the council fielded arguments and testimonies from "a half-dozen people" against the idea as well as those in favor, according to The Press Enterprise.

The display will cost the city anywhere between $500 and $2,500. 

Murrieta will be a part of some 100 cities in the state to display the motto as well as 480 throughout the country. 

For now, the plan is for the motto to be displayed on a wall in the chambers, said City Clerk Sarah Manwaring.

Mayor of Murrieta, Harry Ramos, has even lobbied for the motto's inclusion.

Not all resolutions to include "In God We Trust" on public space has gone as easily as it has in Murrieta. The national motto has been a subject of controversy for many cities throughout the United States. For instance, Clark County, Washington, has faced much opposition in getting the motto on their meeting walls as well as a city in North Carolina. 

Source: The Press Enterprise 

Photo Credit:Wikimedia Commons, The Press Enterprise


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