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California Parents Stage Walkout To Protest Canceled Christmas Trip


A group of San Jose, California, parents pulled their kindergartners out of class in protest of a canceled annual field trip to deliver letters to Santa Claus.

Roughly 20 to 30 children were pulled from Sartorette Elementary School after parents learned that the principal canceled the decade-long tradition of meeting Santa, according to NBC Bay Area.

The trip was canceled after a Jewish mother raised concerns about what she referred to as “best practices.” The mother said that the school should highlight all religions during the holiday season.

The walkout led parents to Big E. Cafe, where the children met St. Nick.

“[They] should just not go for that one hour,” parent Vanessa Howe argued in defense of the field trip — telling NBC Bay Area that parents of non-Christian children should keep their children home during the trip.

The Jewish parent, identified only as Talia, said she disagrees with Howe’s opinion.

“They need to redesign the curriculum so that children don't have to opt out,” Talia said, according to NBC Bay Area. 

Talia subsequently became the center of a series of attacks from parents, with one saying that she was “waging a war on Christmas.”

Other parents, however, agreed with Talia’s position on ending the tradition.

“I’m not mad about the field trip being canceled because there was a very good intent behind this," parent Bao Nguyen told NBC Bay Area. “Just because we’ve doing this for 10 years doesn’t make it right."

Sources: NBC Bay Area, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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