Gunman Opens Fire at California Christian College; 7 Dead

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Update: Police arrested a suspect in the neighboring city of Alameda, California. The man in custody is described as a heavyset Korean man in his 40s wearing khaki clothing.

At least five people are reported killed and many more injured in an apparent school shooting at Oikos University, according to unconfirmed numbers from California's KTVU-TV. Oikos is a private Christian college in Oakland, California with a predominantly Korean student body.

Angie Johnson, 52, witnessed the attack and told the San Francisco Chronicle that she saw a woman fleeing the scene shouting that she had been shot. Ms. Johnson also identified the shooter as a man from her nursing class who stood up without warning and shot one of his classmates at point blank range before directing his fire at the rest of hte class.

"He looked crazy all the time," said johnson, adding that other students "never knew how far he would go."

Early reports describe the shooter as a heavyset Asian man. Someone meeting that description was picked up at a nearby shopping mall shortly after the incident, according to a spokeswoman for the Oakland California Police Department.


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