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Brawl Breaks Out At Church Meeting In Georgia (Video)

A wild fight broke out at a church in Macon, Georgia, on May 1 (video below).

Sgt. Linda Howard said that the Bibb County Sheriff's Office is investigating the brawl at Greater Bellevue Baptist Church, which included more than a dozen people punching and shoving each other in the house of worship, notes WMAZ.

According to radio station Joy105, the church has been divided over the pastor, David Stephens, for years. Some churchgoers have called for him to be fired or to resign.

The Telegraph reports that the church trustees hired three sheriff’s deputies to watch over the meeting on May 1, which was going to include a vote by the congregation on whether or not Stephens would keep his job.

Before the vote, church members took turns speaking, but the meeting became tense and got out of control.

“I can’t handle this," one man said as he filmed on his cell phone. "This is church, though. They overdoing it, though."

A woman asked the meeting: "Us not having a pastor at all, is that going to make this a better church or worser?"

"Worser!" the cameraman stated. "We want pastor Stephens. He a big help to the community, though. They trippin.'"

An unidentified man told the crowd: "If you keep talking, you won’t be able to vote. If y’all don’t vote, y’all just don’t vote."

The division in the church has reportedly gone on for several years, and resentment runs deep.

After a chaotic brawl broke loose, the deputies tried to restore order.

According to the police report, the deputies were "unable to determine the primary aggressor and also unable to re-contact parties involved once the crowd dispersed."

Howard said no one has filed a complaint over the brawl.

The church leaders did not issue a comment to WMAZ.

The day after the fight, not one was at the church, so reporters were unable to get comments.

The church website explains their beliefs:

It is our belief that the Bible is the God breathed, infallible, inspired Word from God. Pastor Stephens equips the Saints in order for us to make wise decisions based upon the Word of God. Through the teachings of the Word of God, from our Pastor and teachers, we commit to equipping the Saints all over the world with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make those wise decisions that will positively impact their futures.

Edited Fight Video

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Sources: WMAZ, The Telegraph, Joy105, Greater Bellevue Baptist Church via / Photo credit: Visual Hunt

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