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Boy Scouts Will 'Increase Boy-On-Boy Sexual Contact' Says Anti-Gay Scouting Group (Audio)

John Stemberger is a Florida-based anti-gay activist who recently founded an anti-gay alternative to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) called "Trail Life USA."

Stemberger recently appeared on a Christian conservative radio show hosted by Janet Mefferd to bash the BSA and promote Trail Life USA, which he says is “not going to tolerate” any openly gay members (audio below).

According to, he tried to scare parents by predicting there will be an "increase boy-on-boy sexual contact" in the BSA and said that “physical, sexual and psychological abuse” will become “commonplace.”

However, he failed to mention that the BSA does not allow sexual activity among scouts or scoutmasters.

"Honestly, I just hate this. I don’t like this. We’re not trying to be bashing the BSA but we are going to be committed to letting parents know of this and that this is a risk, this is a health and safety risk to boys," said Stemberger.

"They have already issued proclamations saying you will not treat openly gay boys any different, that is they are going to be tented with other boys, they are not going to be separated out in anyway lest they be bullied."

"This is where it’s going and this will absolutely increase boy-on-boy sexual contact, which will further contribute to the scandal and the very unfortunate abuse to countless numbers of boys who will undergo physical, sexual and psychological abuse as a result of this policy change. That is the bottom line, that is the thing no one wants to talk about, that is the reality of this change. They can deny it all they want to but, you can’t control boys," claimed Stemberger.



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