Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Still Not Buried

The body of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is still above ground even though he died more than two weeks ago. His uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, reluctantly claimed the body but has not been able to find a cemetery that will receive his nephew’s remains.

“A dead person needs to be buried,” Tsarni said.

Tsarnaev’s widow, Katherine Russell, declined to claim her husband’s body.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Tsarnaev said dealing with the body was not up to the state and that the family had to handle it. “And the family has some options,” he said “I assume they will make a decision soon. I hope they do.”  He did not say whether Massachusetts would want Tsarnaev’s body to be buried in the state.

United States Senate candidate Edward J. Markey had no problem answering that question. “I think that the body should be controlled by the federal government,” Markey said. “But if the people of Massachusetts do not want that terrorist to be buried on our soil, then it should not be.”

His rival in the race, Republican Gabriel E. Gomez, took to Twitter. “Bureaucrats worried about where to bury Boston Marathon terrorist #1. To me, it’s simple: he should be buried at sea with Bin Laden,” he wrote.

The body is currently being held at the Graham Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Parlor in Worcester, Mass. Peter Stefan, the funeral home’s director, said that Tsarnaev’s mother, Zubeidat, contacted him and asked for her son’s body to be returned to Russia. He is willing to honor her request but won’t release the body until he is sure it will end up somewhere safe, The New York Times reported.

Protesters have staked out the funeral home, some carrying signs that say things like, “Bury this terrorist on U.S. soil and we will unbury him.”

Another protester, Nelly Sanchez, had this to say: “The devil is waiting for him. He needs to be fed to the sharks. I don’t think the sharks would want him, either.”

Sources: The New York Times, Boston.com


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