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Bloomberg Defies Atheists, Agrees with WTC Cross at Memorial

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg said he does not agree with a lawsuit brought by an atheist group which does not want the so called "World Trade Center cross" to be part of the memorial at Ground Zero.

As workers cleared the rubble following the terror attacks, they uncovered a piece of the building's twisted steel that resembled a cross. It stood at Ground Zero during the cleanup effort. Now, it is planned to be part of the memorial.

But the American Atheists say no religious symbols should be part of a public memorial, and filed suit. On his radio show last Friday, Bloomberg disagreed.

"A lot of people looked to religion for strength after the attack," said Bloomberg, according to The Christian Post. "My personal opinion is always been you shouldn't tell people what religion to practice or whether to practice a religion but you shouldn't also prevent people from practicing a religion they want in any ways they want."

He said other religious symbols would be part of the memorial. They include a Star of David cut from WTC steel, a Bible fused with a piece of steel found during the recovery effort and a Jewish prayer shawl.

Bloomberg, who is named as a defendant in the suit, did say he thinks the American Atheists have a "right to sue."


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