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Blogosphere Upset Over School's Alleged "Under God" Omission From Pledge

A number of right-leaning blogs were up in arms this week after a report surfaced that Madison East High School in Wisconsin omits the words “under God” during their daily reading of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Red State broke the news after Madison East student Samantha Murphy contacted them and reported the alleged omission. Here’s how they reported the incident:

“On March 4th, Samantha says her school began to remove ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance, and added that they thought they were ‘above the law.’ On the first day of revision, they took out the entire line ‘one nation under God.’ The next day, they merely skipped the words ‘under God.’ On the third day, Thursday March 6th, 2014, they replaced the word ‘God’ with ‘peace.’”

The site claims the school has continued to omit "under God" from their daily reading "over the last couple months."

Yesterday, the school district Madison East High resides in responded to the story. District spokesperson Rachel Strauch-Nelson says the narrative being circulated on blogs around the web is only partially true. She says the “under God” omissions only happened twice when guest students were invited to read the pledge over the PA system on consecutive days. Normally, the same staff member reads the pledge everyday and includes the words “under God.”

“East High School offers the pledge every day (that has always been the case), and has not removed the word ‘God,’” Strauch-Nelson said. "This limited misreading was followed up on and otherwise, the pledge is read by the same staff member every day.”

So yea, toss this one into the ever-expanding big deal about nothing waste pile.

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