Billy Graham's Grandson Boz Tchividjian Claims That Evangelicals Are Worse Than Catholics on Sex Abuse

According to a grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, evangelists are “worse” than Catholics when it comes to sexual abuse in the church.

Boz Tchividjian, Graham’s grandson and law professor at Liberty University, said that too many Protestants have “sacrificed the souls” of young children and covered it up over the years.

“Protestants can be very arrogant when pointing to Catholics,” said Tchividjian. “We’ve got the Gospels backwards.”

Tchividjian is the executive director of GRACE, or Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, and has been investigating cases of sexual abuse against young children for years. According to his findings from many investigations, many Christian mission agencies have kept reports of sexual abuse secret and take no action in reporting them to police.

For many years, the Catholic Church has been under fire for covering up a large number of sexual abuse cases. Priests all over the world have sexually abused many children, most of those children serving as altar boys.

Former Pope Benedict came under a lot of scrutiny and international investigation after it was reported that he helped to cover up sex abuse scandals in the church years ago. In an unprecedented move, Pope Benedict stepped down from the papacy earlier this year, and while he claimed that it had nothing to do with the allegations of a cover-up, many still believe that that is the real reason.

Now, with more cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church coming to light, Boz Tchividjian is claiming that the Protestant movement is far worse than Catholicism. This may seem hard to believe based on the number of cases against Catholic priests brought to light in recent years, but if Tchividjian’s claims are true, it could prove to be a massive issue for evangelists everywhere.


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