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Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Tries to Convert Tornado Victims to Christianity

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) recently sent relief groups to Oklahoma after a tornado claimed 20 lives on May 31. 

It was the second tornado tragedy to hit the state in a span of two weeks.

Part of the RRT includes chaplains from different parts of the country who comfort and try to convert victims of natural disasters to Christianity.

When the second tornado hit Moore, Okla., last Friday, about 200 people gathered in the Emmaus Baptist Church for shelter.

The church served as the base of Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains and Samaritan’s Purse, another Graham-affiliated group.

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One was a family of four, along with the husband’s best friend. Michael Glassey, an RRT crisis-trained chaplain from Riverside, Calif., talked with them, asking if they knew Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, which they responded “no.” Michael explained how much God loved them and how Jesus came to earth to die for their sins.

“I asked each one separately if they wanted to receive Christ as their personal Savior so that if this ever happened again they would have the assurance of going to Heaven, and that they could also experience a new beginning that very moment,” Michael said.

“They all said, ‘yes,’ and each received Christ into their hearts,” he said. “God sheltered them, then He saved them.”

While the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team does try to help people during disasters, they are not normally so public about their primary aim to convert victims of disasters, who are at their most vulnerable moments.

According to, Jack Munday, international director for the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, told WSOC-TV on May 22: "Our purpose is to provide emotional and spiritual care to those folks so devastated by this disaster."

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