Bill Tonneson Offends Neighbors, Wife with Obese Naked Lady Statue


Not everyone thinks big is beautiful.

Bill Tonnesen is catching flack from everyone around hime over a statue of an obese, naked lady that he placed outside of his Tempe, Arizona, home. Although the offending piece of “art” stands on private property, critics call the statue obscene and say it stands in full view of an area church and a preschool.

“I love it,” Tonnesen told local TV station KNXV. “I’m crazy about it."

He argues that the corpulent piece is an inoffensive work of art, envisioned to resemble an ancient sculpture known as Venus of Willdorf, according to the Daily News.

Tonnesen’s neighbors aren’t so convinced of the naked lady’s artistic merit. They say the statue is likely to scare young children and has already offended churchgoers.

“I think the placement of it makes it an issue,” said Michael White, one of Tonneson’s neighbors. “To have it on the side of the street in such an open viewing space is a topic of concern.”

Tonneson understands the objections, though he has no intention of taking the statue down. He says his wife doesn’t like the piece either and meade him cover it with a sheet.

“Until I can work something out with my wife, we’re going to leave it covered,” said Tonneson, adding that he wishes both his wife and neighbors had more refined artistic tastes.


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