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Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham Argue over Gay Marriage ‘Bible-Thumping’ Comments (Video)

Bill O’Reilly made headlines last week when he essentially acknowledged that there was no legitimate policy argument against gay marriage. Noting that the Supreme Court was not responsible for upholding anyone’s religious beliefs, the host of the highest rated program on Fox News insisted anti-gay marriage folks would have to do more than ‘thump the bible’ if they wanted their side to win.

For obvious reasons, the Religious Right that makes up large a large portion of the Conservative base wasn’t particularly enthralled with O’Reilly’s comments. He earned criticism from both various Catholic leaders and extremely right leaning media personalities like Rush Limbaugh.

On Tuesday night, anther far right personality, Laura Ingraham, expressed her displeasure with the way O’Reilly characterized the anti-gay marriage crowd. Their exchange quickly grew heated. Check it out:

O’Reilly back-and-forth with Ingraham probably didn’t do much to sway anyone on gay marriage, but it did reinforce the fact that there is an increasingly public feud brewing between him and Limbaugh. 

Source: Mediaite


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