Bill Maher Rips into Pope Francis on ‘Real Time’ (Video)

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Hater of all things religion-based, Bill Maher, dedicated a good chunk of his final ‘New Rules’ segment on this week’s Real Time to ripping into the new pope.

Noting that Pope Francis has been the subject of endless media scrutiny over the past week, Maher suggested that the attention was unnecessary and that folks were worshipping a false idol.  

"I have just about had it with the press squealing in delight with everything the new pope does," Maher said. "He's a 76-year-old executive who just got a promotion. You act like he's a baby who just made a boom-boom."

Part of the way through, Maher acknowledged that he understood why everything the Pope did was a big story. He just wished the praise wasn’t so effusive.

"There are over a billion Catholics -- just on the back of my gardener's truck," Maher said, to some applause and even a few boos. "So I get it that this is a legitimate news story. But can we at least stop saying that the job of pope is so hard?"

And then came the kicker:

"The Catholic Church has basically always done what we do here at Real Time. It's a bunch of guys sitting around making up new rules."

Check out Maher’s entire speech in the video below.

(HuffPo, HBO)


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