Bill Maher Mocks Texas Gov. Perry Over Evolution and Swine Flu


Mocking the stone age science at the Texas State Board of Education has now gone viral — late-night
comedians have the rest of the country laughing at us. Bill Maher de-pantsed the
governor on last Friday’s episode of his HBO series Real Time with Bill

"He [Perry] appointed a creationist to head the Texas State Board of
Education, which is shocking. Texas has a board of education?!?"


And Maher surely speaks for scientists everywhere when he scolds Texas
politicians who had a sudden come-to-science moment last week when confonted
with the outbreak of swine flu.

"You can’t crap all over Darwin and stem cell research and global warming,
then come crawling back to science when you want Tamiflu."

Watch the whole embarrassing segment (warning: Maher’s language includes swearing).

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