Bill Maher Mocks Pope Francis, Says Bible is 'Insane' (Video)


The acidic host of 'Real Time with Bill Maher' appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Tuesday night, where he mocked the Catholic Church, the bible and other religious topics (video below).

“I love the new Pope. You know what I love about the new pope is his name, not the name he picked," said Bill Maher. "His real name is Jorge Bergoglio which sounds like expensive shoes. Everywhere I go I say, 'These are Jorge Bergoglio! These are like $1,200.'"

Maher also said the Pope and other religious traditions don’t come “straight from Jesus and the Bible,” reports

“Not that the Bible isn’t a bunch of insane, bronze age malarkey,” claimed Maher.  "Come on, I know there are people who are with me on this. Don’t give me that look. I think what people don't know is that most of this stuff was not from Jesus or the bible. It's made up hundreds of years later by clowns in the church... They just pulled this out of their *ss."

Sources: and YouTube


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