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Bigoted Anti-Islam Chain Email Prompts Investigation by Irving, Texas School Board

A woman named 'Ginger Russell' sent a chain email with the subject “IRVING ISD INDOCTRINATING ISLAM” to school board members and district officials in Irving, Texas, back in October.

The anti-Islam email caused such a stir that an investigation was launched to see if it was correct and if there really was a pro-Islam bias in CSCOPE, a state-wide third-party curriculum study package.

The email claimed that CSCOPE was pro-Islam and referred to the Boston Tea Party as a "terrorist act."

Irving, Texas school officials contacted Region 10, which created CSCOPE, reports

Region 10 told the Irving, Texas school district that it followed state guidelines and the email was inaccurate.

However, Region 10's email response wasn't enough. Region 10’s director of instruction, Jan Moberly, had to speak at Monday’s meeting to re-reassure the school board.

Moberly told the worried school board that she hired a “very socially and fiscally conservative” former social studies teacher who “watches Glenn Beck on a regular basis” and "asked her to look for anything she would consider the least bit controversial."

The results of the investigation found that Christianity got twice as much mentions in the CSCOPE curriculum than any other religion. Islam was a distant second. The Boston Tea Party reference mentioned in the email was nowhere in CSCOPE, but there was actually a “bias against radical Islam,” which the school board did not object to.


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