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Bible Museum Uses Celebrity Wax Figures, Tom Cruise As Jesus

The BibleWalk museum in Mansfield, Ohio, has acquired several celebrity wax figures from other museums, which it has incorporated into its religious exhibits.

The Telegraph reports that Prince Philip poses as an angel, his son Prince Charles is Abel (the good son of Adam and Eve), Tom Cruise plays Jesus, John Travolta and Elizabeth Taylor appear with King Solomon and Steve McQueen plays a bystander.

George Harrison, Marlon Brando and Burt Lancaster also put in appearances at the Biblical exhibit.

The BibleWalk website advertises two 60-minute tours entitled “Miracles of the Old Testament “ and “Life of Christ," and there are two 30-minute tours called “Museum of Christian Martyrs” and “Heart of the Reformation.”

But don't ask to see the celebrities specifically.

Julia Mott-Hardin, the director of the BibleWalk museum, told The Telegraph:

I've had calls from people who wanted to take the tour, but only if I accompanied them pointing out the celebrities. I refused. The museum is about glorifying God and his works. That's what we want to achieve. I just don't want to take any of the glory away from God. That's the most important aspect of BibleWalk, God's glory.

Sources: The Telegraph, / Image Credit: BibleWalk Logo


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