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Bible Club Ministries International Told To Stop Offering Religious Classes In Motorhome On School Property

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA) has accused the Hudsonville Public School District in Michigan of violating the law by allowing Bible Club Ministries International to teach religious instruction to students during school hours on school property, WWLP-22News reports.

MACRA claims Bible Club Ministries International was driving a motorhome to South Elementary and teaching religious classes to children during recess. MACRA took a photo of the vehicle on school property during school hours when it was tipped off by a concerned parent, and then contacted the school district.

It is reported that Michigan state law allows students to participate in religious instruction during school hours but not on school property. Mitch Kahle of MACRA stated: “This is a violation of the rights of all taxpayers and all private citizens.”

According to WWLP-22News, the district’s attorney said in an email to 24 Hour News 8 that the motorhome would pick up students during recess or lunch with parent permission. The motorhome would drive off school property, where lessons would be given, and students would be dropped off back to school when finished. However, recently, the motorhome remained on school property during the lessons.

"In no case is a Bible class allowed on public school property while school is in session — this means during recess, this means during lunch hour," Kahle said, as reported by the Grand Haven Tribune.

The school district agreed with MACRA that religious education should not be taught during school hours on school property.

In a statement released on Thursday, the district stated: “We have since addressed this with Bible Club Ministries International. It is their intention to make adjustments to their schedule to continue to offer this opportunity to students and their families either before or after school.”

Sources: WWLP-22News, Grand Haven Tribune



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