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Georgia Seniors Banned from Saying Prayer Before Meals

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When it comes to meal-time prayers, Georgia's Senior Citizens Inc. may have bitten off more than it can chew. In a ridiculous new decision, the organization told its elderly that it "violates federal rules" to pray before meals.

Because Port Wentworth's Center receives government money, one local official said the individuals' prayers compromise the group's funding arrangement. Mayor Glenn Jones said he was irate about the decision and will try to find a solution with the city's attorney. "For me to look at their eyes and tell them they can't thank God for their food, it's unheard of."

It's also unlawful. Several members of Congress qualify as "senior citizens," and they open every day with prayer provided by an official government chaplain! We've gone from seniors in high school not being able to pray at graduation ceremonies to seniors at retirement centers unable to pray over food. This is truly a new era of religious intolerance.


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