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Barber Won't Cut Transgender's Hair Per Bible (Video)

Army veteran and reservist Kendall Oliver was refused service at a barbershop in Rancho Cucamonga, California, on March 8 per the owner's interpretation of the Bible and religious beliefs (video below).

Oliver, a transgender person who served in Afghanistan for six years, was born a female, but feels more like a male.

"I have religious convictions that prevent me from cutting women's hair," Richard Hernandez, the owner of the barbershop, told KNBC. 

"I identify more as male, I just feel more comfortable with that way," Oliver stated. "And he said, 'It doesn't matter ma'am, we still won't cut a woman's hair.'"

Hernandez said that he is a member of the Church of God, and he won't cut women's hair, including women who self-identify themselves as men.

"People go against what God has created, you start getting everything all out of whack," Hernandez explained. "It's a shame for a man to have long hair, but if a woman has long hair, it's her glory and it speaks about her hair being given to her as her covering, and I don't want to be one who is taking away from her glory."

“I value the Constitution that we have in this country, and hope that it upholds for me as well as others,” Hernandez continued.

While the Bible does say it is a shame for men to have long hair in 1 Corinthians 11:14, it does not say that it is a sin. Nor does the Bible tell Christians that cutting a woman's hair is a sin.

Oliver told KCBS that she was "very offended: "I felt humiliated as well, it's kind of embarrassing, I didn't know how to respond. I didn’t really have words at the time."

Oliver told her story of discrimination on Facebook, and gained support from people of the Internet.

“It’s not our intention at all to discriminate against anyone based on their sexual orientation, based on their gender or any such thing like that," Hernandez countered.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the barbershop, or any other public accommodation, cannot discriminate against people in the Golden State per California's Unruh Civil Rights Act that forbids discrimination based on gender, gender identity of gender expression.

The Church of God in Garden Grove, California, told KNBC that it does not have any rules against cutting women's hair.

Sources: KCBS, KNBC / Photo credit: KCBS via SanVic/YouTube

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