This Bank Teller Was Allegedly Fired For Saying 'Have A Blessed Day'


A former bank teller claims she was fired for saying “Have a blessed day” to a customer.

"I say 'have a blessed day' all of the time," said Polly Neace to FOX 19. "I don't think there's any better kind of day you can have than a blessed day."

Neace claims she made the statement to customers for years while employed at U.S. Bank as a teller. In 2011 she was reprimanded for this.

A lawsuit has been filed by Neace against U.S. Bank claiming she was discriminated against for her religious beliefs, reports CBS Cleveland.

U.S. Bank states Neace was given a Code of Ethics violation for using the statement after many customers complained.

The warning she was given also stated that she once said to a customer, “Did you take the Lord’s name in vain?” and then proceeded to talk to the customer about salvation.

The Code of Ethics violation told Neace that, “effective immediately you will no longer discuss the subject of faith or religion with customers and co-workers alike.”

"I was upset with the fact they were stifling me and not allowing me to act on my beliefs," Neace says.

Neace did not cease from making religious-oriented comments and was reprimanded again.

Prior to her termination, Neace claims she made a joke that she should go back to saying “Have a blessed day” and be fired.

The following day Neace was fired; and soon after she filed the lawsuit.

"I can't back down from this. It's the principle behind everything," says Neace.

U.S. Bank released the following statement: "At U.S. Bank, we hold our employees to high ethical standards when interacting with customers and co-workers, and take violations of these standards seriously. While we cannot comment provide comment on pending litigation, we believe that this lawsuit is without merit and believe the facts presented in future legal proceedings will justify our actions."

U.S. Bank claims the lawsuit is without merit.


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