Christian Band 'Junkyard Prophet' Upsets School with Views on Gays, Abortion

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In Dunkerton, Iowa, some teachers and students are upset over a recent visit by a band called 'Junkyard Prophet' (a Christian band, member Bradlee Dean is pictured, left) which was supposed to make a presentation on bullying and making good choices. 

Howver, junior and senior high students at Dunkerton High School said the band gave their opinions on homosexuality and presented images of aborted fetuses.

School superintendent Jim Stanton said the group offered "a very strong anti-violence, anti-drug, anti-alcohol" message and added, "the kids were rocking out."

However, after performing, Junkyard Prophet separated boys, girls and teachers into groups.

The young men were taught the band's opinions on the U.S. Constitution and shown images of musicians who died because of drug overdoses, including Elvis Presley.

The girls were told to save themselves for their husbands and assume a submissive role in marriage. The band then told the young ladies to chant a mantra about remaining pure.

Stanton later spoke to the students that the band shared "an opinion about intolerance that's not in line with the beliefs of the Dunkerton Community Schools."

Stanton said: "We promote tolerance for one another. We will continue to celebrate diversity in our student body."


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