Church Nativity Swap: Baby Jesus Stolen, Replaced With Real Pig's Head


A strange and disturbing theft has left people in Haverhill, Massachusetts, shaking their heads.

Someone reportedly stole a statue of the baby Jesus from a Nativity scene erected in front of Sacred Hearts Roman Catholic Church and replaced it with a real pig’s head, reports WHDH.

The incident took place on Christmas morning, according to police. Even more baffling to authorities: the church is located on a busy street and the theft happened in broad daylight.

In a bizarre coincidence, a baby Jesus statue was also stolen from the Nativity scene on Greenfield Town Common and police believe it happened early in the morning on Christmas Eve, reports

The authorities are asking for the public to help them track down the person or people responsible for this crime. They plan to hold a news conference on Friday morning.

Sources: WHDH, Credit: amanderson2/Flickr, WHDH


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