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New Book: Feminism has Taken Over Christianity

Author Joseph Keysor raises controversial issues in his new book, "Contra Feminism: An appeal to the faithful remnant in Christ Jesus," arguing that the Christian church has succumbed to a rampant feminist ideology.

In the book Mr. Keysor argues, "There is a definite tendency in the church today to look at verses we like, that confirm our views, and say 'Here it is, right here in the Holy Bible. I believe in the Holy Bible' -- and then look at other verses we don't like and explain them away, or pretend they aren't there."

Passages speaking to gender and sexuality are a case in point and, according to Mr. Keysor, too many of our views not only aren't Scriptural, but are actually derived from worldly principles. Worse, the advocates of these principles were people that most Christians would not want to be associated with: Lenin, Trotsky, Engels, Marx, Mao Ze Dong, and J.S. Mill, to name a few.

Mr. Keysor, who has written on the origins of Hitler's ideology and on the Christians in the Third Reich, points out that Nazism, Communism, and Feminism each have at their heart a radical desire for uniformity that has no place for God's diversity in creation. This diversity includes the God-ordained differences between men and women. Mr. Keysor says that God created masculinity and feminism "for His glory, and our benefit. Attempts to significantly alter or eliminate those differences lead to misery, sorrow, confusion, and suffering."

Liberal Christians predictably won't be happy with Mr. Keysor's arguments but neither will many conservative Christians, pointing again at his book's subtitle. However, even if one takes issue with his conclusions, the survey of feminist ideology from its origins in the 1700s through the present will raise eyebrows. Many readers will be surprised at how many current attitudes in modern society were first conceived and advocated by people who hated the Church. For example, "no fault" divorce was one of the first policies implemented by the communists in the Bolshevik Revolution.

Open minded readers will be challenged to consider how many of their views are derived from the Scriptures and how many are merely absorbed from a worldly society that exhibits increasing hostility to God.


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