'Here I Can Really Be Free': Austrian Teen Who Joined ISIS Speaks Out About Her Experiences


The world first learned about the two Austrian teens who fled to Syria to fight along ISIS back in September. Now, after reports that the two were regretting their decision, the 15-year-old of the pair, Sabina Selimovic, says she is happy.

In a text message interview with French magazine Paris Match, Selimovic claims that she is able to practice Islam freely in her new home.

“Here I can really be free,” Selimovic said. “I can practice my religion. I couldn’t do that in Vienna.”

The 15-year-old is married to an ISIS member, and despite past reports that she is pregnant, the teen says she’s not. She also says that she loves her life in the region, despite contrary claims recently.

“I like to eat,” said Selimovic. “The food here is very similar to Austria even if it’s mainly halal food. You can get ketchup here, Nutella and cornflakes.”

Despite these claims, Austrian officials say they aren’t buying it. They believe that Selimovic and her friend, 17-year-old Samra Kesinovic, are being forced to make these latest claims after recent reports said they wanted to go back home. They also believe that during Selimovic’s new interview with Paris Match, she was likely being held at gunpoint.

“If they really want it to be believable that the girls are now claiming they don’t want to come home, they should let them give the interview on neutral territory where it’s possible to see that they aren’t being threatened by a gun,” said an Austrian security official. “If the claim they want to come home is untrue, they have the opportunity to walk back into Syria.” 

Sources: NY Post, News.com.au, International Business Times


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